Intuitively Creative Tarot Art School: Make Your Own LWB for Tarot Cards

Make Your Own Tarot LWB: Learn to create your own intuitive meanings for your tarot cards/ artwork (yours and others!).

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A Spiritually Creative Practice with an Artistic Approach to the Tarot as Therapy



A free workshop introducing a fun way to learn, read, write, and interpret Tarot cards in an intuitively creative way…

Let’s say you are a bit like me. You like art. You like tarot. You LOVE tarot cards. In fact, you love tarot cards so much that you are in the midst of creating at least four decks, three of which are on the down-low (hush, hush!), with so many ideas for more that swirl around in your head? Sound like you?

If you have tarot cards, how do you read them? Did you learn all of the meanings of the cards by reading the little white book (LWB)? If so, do you still feel more comfortable reading with a book near you? Did you buy other books to help you learn the meanings when you were new on your tarot journey, or perhaps you are new and you are just beginning to learn?

Or you’re an intermediate tarot reader/ card slinger who knows the gist of the cards, but wants to design a guidebook that goes along with the cards you’re making?


The Inner Child’s Tarot ©Shilo Lewis, CooptyLew Art Studio, 2018

Suppose we say that know your shit and you are very experienced with Tarot cards, but you’ve never read them intuitively because you are not quite sure how… Well, then…

If you are like me, then you have thought about creating decks. I have four of them in the works, and I just know they will be successful because they are based on very original ideas and the artwork. (Three of them do not even showcase my art, two of them are artist collaborations, and two utilize photography and PAINT for the imagery.)

In my class, “A Major Embodiment of the Tarot,” we are drawing and painting our own deck and I do hope to continue that to the very end. Or I will die trying! Below, I have shared three of my Tarot cards from the class I teach online. We just started in January, but in this online class, you can enroll any time because there are no grades, no judgment, the price is low, the content is yours forever, and there is no pressure or due dates. You can complete the content whenever and however you wish!

Check out my High Priestess from Major Embodiment!

This class runs under the same principles, but it is FREE!

Say what? Yes, I said F-R-E-E! Head on over to CooptyLew Academy and enroll in MAKE A CREATIVELY INTUITIVE TAROT LWB today! Again, there is no charge. The class opens March 1, 2018, and I have been putting up content already. It is going to be enlightening, helpful, and very, very INTUITIVE! Can’t wait to see ya there!




What You Will Learn In Intuitively Creative Tarot Art School:

  • To connect with a deck, you must cleanse it, meditate with it, and spend time with it.
  • Tarot Art Bullet Journaling techniques, activities, and more.
  • The major arcana and the four suits as they correspond to the five elements and how they affect different areas of life.
  • Meditation techniques for each suit to connect to each element.
  • How to enter your "Inner Tarot Sacred Space" however and whenever you wish.
  • Understand the court cards as archetypes and personality types.
  • Understand each card intuitively by diving deep into the images and creating your own meanings for them.
  • Build your own library of card meanings.
  • Basic spreads
  • How to combine card meanings in a way that creates synergy.


By participating in this course you will build a solid foundation to lead you further in your tarot reading journey. Remember that you can use meditation tracks any time with your current deck or to connect to a new one. But your journey does not end here!

Your task now is to keep using those cards and practice what you have learned. As with ANY SKILL, you must use or lose it!

The main goals areto learn to read tarot intuitively, remember the meanings and create tarot meanings for a deck you have made.

For success:

Take notes – The simple act of writing engages your brain so that you remember the content. Even better, use a color coding system because that also helps your brain to categorize the information you learn.

Be creative – Draw out icons for the tarot cards or draw out the images themselves. By engaging the creative side of your brain you’re also helping it to engage with whatever you are trying to learn!

Practice as much as possible – Please remember that "if you don’t use it, you lose it." They key to getting those card meanings you just worked on into your long term memory is repetition. You must handle those cards again and again. The more you use the cards, and the more you let your intuition guide you in this endeavor, the better you will become at reading.

It takes time! Learning new information can sometimes be a slow and frustrating process, but it will be well worth your time and effort in the end. *Not only that, but practicing alone can be quite hard. Please know that you don’t have to do this alone!

Some questions you might have:

• What if I run out of questions to ask?

• What if I don’t have anybody to practice with?

• What if I have already started doing the "card of the day," but don’t know how to go beyond that?

Tips in answer to the above questions:

  • Practice using your cards even when you have nothing to ask and learn how to recognize patterns in the cards – This a must if you want to go beyond reading individual cards and read the story of the spread.
  • Keep a tarot journal. This is THE PLACE to record all your notes, tarot card meanings, spreads, readings, etc. Maybe you have heard of doing this before, but you are uncertain about it. Or, maybe you have a tarot journal, and you want to know how to use it more. I have my students use a tarot art journal in all my classes. We even make art tarot BULLET JOURNALS in some classes.

We will be creating a tarot art bullet journal in this class.

What is a bullet journal?

It is “a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above.”

*Bullet journaling is great because it is very organized, creative, and it is a flexible way to track anything and everything in your life!

By combining tarot and art journals, students will create a creative and organized system to help:

• Record study notes and your personal card meanings for your deck.

• Track your "card of the day" to identify how the card meanings apply to everyday circumstances and recognize how larger forces are at play in your life.

• Record readings you do for yourself and others and track their accuracy.

• And so much more!

(In this class, I will show you my entire system which took me years to fine tune. This system will help you recognize patterns in the cards and includes many different ways to use your cards daily for practice.)

Here’s what you’ll get:

• Access to my tarot bullet journaling methodology.

• Lessons on how to set up your own tarot bullet journal system.

• Detailed tutorials and information on different layout options.

• A tutorial on how to draw tarot symbols neatly, quickly, and easily.

• Ready-to-use printable journal and planner inserts.

• How to go beyond the ‘card of the day’ and track monthly spreads, your notes, your readings for yourself and others, and more.

• Journal prompts you can use for all 78 cards.


Whether you are new to tarot, new to tarot art journaling, or new to intuitive card reading/creating, this class is for YOU! There is no other class like it!

Thank you so much for considering to participate in Intuitively Creative Tarot Art School. Always remember that Tarot is a lifelong journey and you can NEVER run out of things to learn!

As always: Keep practicing, keep reading tarot, keep doing art, and don’t forget ME!


Shilo "CooptyLew

P.S. Please pass this along to all of your friends and family!

Your Instructor

Shilo Lewis
Shilo Lewis

Art is my life...

Since becoming an artist, my life has become colorful and whimsical. Art is my healer, and it has go en me through many peaks and valleys throughout my journey. My relationship with myself and with others has improved greatly, becoming more connected, meaningful, and beautiful. Art has helped me to understand myself in a more altruistic way. For me, art is a way of doing things, a learning modality, and an overall way of life. Art has changed me in ways I never expected, such as increasing my intuition and leading me to new discoveries, like Tarot. It has awakened me to all of the glorious possibilities that are open to me: the entire world! I’m so grateful for this journey of art and life that I travel.

Art is My Answer.

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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